Yours is the first face that I saw. I swear I was blind before I met you.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everyone had a great time with their loved ones and got to enjoy some time off work like I did!

This post is inspired by a married couple that I have had the pleasure of witnessing recently that made my jaw literally drop in awe of the romance I noticed still fresh in their relationship. At first I assumed they were newlyweds and shortly after I discovered that they have been together for years. So I took it upon myself to ask the husband his opinion on what it is that makes them still so in love to this day.

It’s funny because I come from divorced parents and a lot of the married couples I see nowadays are remarried or separated etc. So it is definitely rare to experience this fresh type of love I see when I see this couple together. And even when I asked him about it, and he was sharing how they met and got together, his eyes just lit up and it was really amazing. He shared with me that a lot of it is faith but also just making one another a better person. He stated that he is such a big kid and she embraces that but also brings out the adult in him and that he brings out the kid in her. They compliment each other in such a way that it just works. And it makes sense. I mean I have seen it with my own two eyes. Or that when he gets home from a rough day maybe after sitting in traffic and she asks how his day was and he snaps “oh it was horrible I just sat in traffic for two hours bla bla bla” and most women might let that get to them like they’re taking it out on them and get upset but she just says “okay well I’m sorry about that but that isn’t my fault” and he thinks “wow you’re right it’s not your fault”. It was really remarkable to get this point of view for myself, as most of you know, my idea of relationships lasting is quite negative. He also shared with me that they went on a few dates and then he was moving and a year later when he kne we was moving back he knew he had to call her because she was so fun, and she was dating someone else, so he told her when it ends he will be taking her out. And he did.

It was all so very romantic and inspiring so I had to ask his permission to share it in this blog. I felt I owed my readers a positive blog on love and relationships especially in the midst of the holiday season. Lol. I hope you all enjoyed this one and I hope you all get the chance to experience this one-of-a-kind type of love. I know when I see these two together it gives me hope that maybe one day I will meet the one for me and it will be just as full as romance and love as this one is!