We are the Reckless. We are the Wild Youth.

We were still so young,
wasn’t certain of anything
When you’re still so young,
can’t be certain of anything…

Can’t be certain of anything, when you’re young.
– I Run Empty, Tegan & Sara

If I were a Boy…

You don’t listen to her, you don’t care how it hurts, when you lose the one you wanted cuz he’s taken you for granted…

Am I Just a Fool? Blind and stupid for loving you?

The people are talkin… The people are sayin that you have been playin my heart like a grand piano.
-Nicki Minaj

Hello My Old Heart…

Hello my old heart, how have you been? How is it being locked away? Don’t you worry, in there you’re safe, and it’s true you’ll never beat but you’ll never break.
-The Oh Hellos

Someday You Will Be Loved

You may feel alone when you’re falling asleep. And everytime tears roll down your cheeks. But I know your heart belongs to someone you’ve yet to meet. Someday, you will be loved.
-Deathcab for Cutie

I’ve been up and oh I don’t sleep enough

I’ve been lying, wide awake paralyzed, by the buzzing of the television. These modern things we know, getting you off. Haunting us, these different meanings and spectral beings. We’re fighting sleep with broken, rusted, weaponry.
-Circa Survive

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