Viva Las Vegas!

Well I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July weekend! I know I sure did! Let me start out by saying I absolutely LOVE having a 3-Day weekend but it sure is rough coming back to work (especially if you spent your weekend like I did!)

I can’t even believe that it had been almost two whole years since I had been in Vegas. Seriously. I mean technically I officially flew out October 11th, but leading up to that starting September 24th I was in jail, so I don’t really consider that time “being” in Vegas, I mean I was in a cell so I really could have been anywhere lol. Then the three weeks before that I had been in New York so yeah, point being, almost two years since I had been to Vegas until this last weekend lol.

When my friends invited me to tag along on there already planned Vegas trip I won’t lie I was a little hesitant. I mean I don’t have really any decent clothes suitable for extremely hot weather nor do I have many options for a night out. There was also the fact that the last time I was in Las Vegas I was literally being escorted from jail to rehab lol. I understand that some people might not find that humorous, but honestly looking back after two years, I can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous I was. For those of you who may think it difficult to find humor in your own misfortunes there is a quote from one of my ALL TIME favorite movies [Garden State] that has always stuck with me:

What do you do? You laugh. I’m not saying I don’t cry, but in-between I laugh, because I realized how silly it is to take life too seriously. If you can’t learn to laugh at yourself then life is gonna seem a whole lot longer than you’d like.”

But seriously, all jokes aside, I was actually a little nervous. Not because I thought that I was going to get back there and throw away all the progress I have made. I am actually VERY confident in myself and have a pretty good sense of self control. It was just a tiny little feeling of nerves for which I had no real explanation because I seriously didn’t know what they were stemming from. I just assumed the feelings I had were from a combination of things: excitement of being on a vacation with my friends in VEGAS, nerves of going to Vegas, curiosity of how I may feel once I’m in VEGAS, and etc.

Long story short ALL of that nonsense just faded away as soon as I caught sight of the Las Vegas Strip. Hannah checked into our room at the Monte Carlo, Keira made the cocktails and the rest of the weekend created itself! I won’t give an entire play by play, because let’s face it, a weekend in Vegas would be a novel. I’ll try to sum it up as best I can without losing the essence that is LAS VEGAS.

Night 1 We played Black Jack with Canadians until the sun came up and we were all winners eh! There was an attempt made at the Craps table by Keira, Hannah, and I between the hours of 10pm and sunrise but that was short lived seeing as uhh it’s not as easy to win money there (oh well at least we got to roll the dice). Oh, and I witnessed a brilliant rendition of Ice Ice Baby, performed by none other than The Geary sister’s (not even joking, they seriously put Vanilla Ice to shame). #YOLO

Day 2 We drank pitchers of Mojitos by the pool where apparently 40 year old men enjoy wrestling and also teaching us about weather patterns. After all that excitement we returned to our room and watched THREE very dramatic Lifetime movies while waiting for our second wind.

Night 2 We wore fur coats, I know what you’re thinking; “Fur Coats in Vegas?!” Crazy right? WRONG. We had to wear the coats because we were hanging out inside of a bar made of ICE (Minus5 Ice Bar). It was pretty much one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. Our shots and drinks were all inside of cups literally made of ice, Hannah and I even took a shot out of an Ice Sculpture, and we got some really cool photos (Julio the photographer: you still have my heart). After that we went to check out the new-and-improved Drais on the roof of the Cromwell (yeah it is no longer in a basement). It was pretty nice, definitely less sketchy than when it was a basement, but it was almost exactly like the Drais on top of the W in Hollywood. So it was kind of like Deja Vu for me. I guess it was bigger and probably nicer, I am not too sure since we weren’t inside very long before three lovely British boys bumped into us on the patio. Naturally I initiated a conversation which wasn’t difficult for me because I am so charismatic and outgoing… Okay okay it’s actually because I am a die hard Harry Potter fan and, I mean come on, these guys were British! So I did what I do best and started off with asking if they’re Harry Potter fans (yeah I’m a nerd I know this already). Lol. So we were heading down to play Black Jack and they decided to join us, seems odd for us to leave the club to gamble, but the Black Jack tables were very kind to us girls all weekend. After an hour or so the ladies decided to turn in early because we were leaving at 6am to drive home but to me that translated to all-nighter. It was our last night in Vegas after all. So I just continued to gamble with my new friends and took my first EVER trip to the Stratosphere since I went on the ride as a kid (for good reason too, that area is so ghetto). It was on the way there that I  had some pretty interesting conversations about whether or not Kurt Cobain killed himself (even got to hear some great sing alongs to Come as You Are in the cab). At the hotel the discussions contributed to favorite movies/directors/actors, why Cali drivers go in the slow lane to pass you when you’re in the middle lane, how we have intersections and they have roundabouts, I mean the list goes on…

Oh yeah, and I was told that when I go to London I am guaranteed discounted tickets to Harry Potter World, and I will be holding them to that.

10527867_10154386515255441_723544051946855379_n 10460211_10154386514995441_729279469459377153_n  1939955_10154386552330441_3947638060973295840_n10489689_10154386540910441_2711955411443191929_n

So as you can see, the trip was a definite success, especially when you come home with the money back that you had spent on the trip itself. I am forever grateful for the game of Black Jack and whoever created it. I got home at 10am and slept until I literally had to wake up for work the next day hahaha I definitely needed that rest though. And now I am back to reality of working. Living my boring old life with no awesome British boys to hangout with and no Bars made of ice to go to. Just me and little Kat in my studio in the Valley, working a 9-5, having the same friends I’ve had forever… Hmm. I must say though, for a boring life full of normalcy, I think it is pretty damn good <3


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They’ll be no rest for the Wicked…

Well it’s Tuesday…. Don’t you just love going back to work after a holiday weekend? Yeah right, I don’t think anyone enjoys that, besides maybe the fact that you end up with a shorter work week. Always gotta stay positive right? Right.

I am not sure about all of you but my weekend was definitely memorable. I will start by saying that my good friends Keira and Hannah Geary came out, yes the Geary sisters, so that should really sum it up for all of you. I am still going to paint the picture anyway haha. The evening started at my house where we opened a bottle of wine and got ready for our Saturday evening. We had decided to go to the Rabbit Hole since they had never been and I very much enjoy going there. Our Uber showed up and off we went, already a little lushed up from the wine, we arrived ready to take on the night with full force. And we did.

It started slow, just ordering some drinks for them to try, taking photos and stuff. As the night rolled on I witnessed Hannah get picked up and carried around by a very tall dark gentleman, a small dance party between Hannah myself and a Colombian guy, and how could we forget over hearing Hannah ask a guy with NECK TATTOOS if he used makeup to cover up his teardrop…. Quite the evening indeed. I honestly cannot tell you how much we drank but it was A LOT.

Now that you all have a brief rundown of our evening I will continue on to a point I wanted to make in this post. Why is it that there are guys in this world that feel they can be SUCH dbags to girls at bars. Like I am sorry but neck tattoo guy was a serious tool and I am not judging him based on the fact that he had neck tattoos or anything because I know plenty of nice people with tattoos there. I am just saying that he was literally acting as if we should like worship the ground he walked on and it just bothers me so much when guys act that way. Especially to a group of girls who he doesn’t know that are just out having a good time together. Like get over yourself dude.

Oh also, if you do get lucky to get a girls number, I highly recommend not texting them about meeting up to have sex that same night. Like does that usually work for you? It just blows my mind. #MindBlown.

The evening ended with us getting an Uber back to my house and opening yet ANOTHER bottle of wine. Just hanging out talking drunk until like 5am (even though I had to be up at 730 NBD).  In the end it doesn’t matter how much rest you get, because the truth is, no one looks back on those memories and thinks about all that great SLEEP they had.

No there ain’t no rest for the wicked
Until we close our eyes for good” -Cage the Elephant


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How thirsty is too thirsty?

Well it is Monday everyone and you know what that means: the weekend is over and I hope everyone has some fun stories to tell! As for me, Friday night was definitely memorable, and I am going to share it with all of you.

I am not sure how familiar all of you are with the clubs of Hollywood but there is one called Supperclub and it has always shown me a good time. So on Friday night me and my girlfriends decide we want to go out and I text some friends of mine that are promoters and they make it happen. We meet up with them at their MANSION of a house (not even joking it was huge) and we pile in their car heading to Hollywood Blvd.

20140112-230423.jpgOnce we get to the club we walk right in and head to the table. The bottles arrive and we just start drinking and dancing and having a blast. This is exactly what we needed. The shots start coming the drinks are constantly refilled and it’s only a matter of time before we are all feeling pretty tipsy. The DJ wasn’t bad either, I think the only bad thing was the constant long line to the women’s bathroom, and the kinky vending machine placed outside selling condoms and lube (so gross). All in all the time spent in the club was extremely fun and we danced all night!

This is when it gets rough. Our ride tells us it is time to go NOW and by this time I am the only sober one between me and my two friends so I had to round them up. One of them was in the upstairs bathroom and one of them was being held on to for DEAR LIFE by some desperate guy. Now I don’t mind being patient for you to give my girl your number, but once that is done and I’m trying to get her out but you still won’t let her go, pretty douche bag move. I mean yeah she was wasted so it was hard to convince her it was time to leave but he understood perfectly but he was just an asshole. Because there is thirsty and there is too thirsty ya know? That guy was just TOO THIRSTY! Lol!

20140112-232045.jpgAnyway, we get to the car and everything seems fine, after a few minutes of driving I hear from one of my friends next to me “I need to throw up”. Next thing you know I’m screaming “she’s gonna throw up pull over!” Because of course I’m by the door and I don’t want to get puked on! We pull over I jump out and she starts throwing up, when she seems finished I clean her up and we get back in, leaving her by the door. The rest of the way home driving down the 405 she has her head out the window puking down the side of the car (still feel terrible about that) while I am holding her hair out of her face. We get back to the house and we all go in, I directly walk to the patio for a cigarette of course, and when I come back in this is where I see my friend:

Hahaha gotta love it right?! She was such a champ though I mean she seriously drank SO much I felt so bad for her being that sick (although my other friend and I did get some entertainment from it lol). It took some serious effort but we got her in the backseat of my car and we got back to her house safely and passed out around 4-5am? Pretty solid Friday night if you ask me. Of course my friend suffered a rough hangover the following morning.


Hope she has recovered by now! Lol! Last night was fun went to a BBQ and drank champagne then got to hangout with my brothers pup all day today! Hope you all had a memorable weekend!


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Your heart is a stone buried beneath your pretty clothes. Don’t you know people write songs about girls like you?


Good evening friends and followers. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend because I definitely did. I am so thankful for my friend Sabrina because she made it a priority to ensure I had a fun time to get my mind off recent bad situations I’ve experienced! She is seriously the best!

Anyways tonight’s post may be a little short because I’m extremely sore from yoga and exhausted! But I wanted to make it a point to cover the subject of a specific type of girl. And this is not coming from a place where I think I am better than anyone else because I believe we have all been a different form of this girl once in our lives. We all have insecurities and sometimes we care a little too much about what people think. However there is a point where most of us grow out of this but some girls just don’t and some girls honestly take it a little too far, it just drives me so crazy.

To see women behave in such a way where they not only disrespect themselves but other people around them? It makes me sad! I mean these girls know they’re beautiful and they know they have guys eating out of the palm of their hands so they use it to their advantage no matter if it hurts them in the end. It’s ridiculous!

So as it says in the lyrics above (which is a song I recently discovered) what would these girls do if people started to see who they REALLY were? What if they lost the looks, the makeup, the clothes? How would they survive if guys stopped chasing after them giving them endless attention? Because they need that don’t they?

There will come a time when you want to settle down and get married and guys don’t want to marry girls who play dumb and play games and tease and put on a show. Real men want to marry real women. We can’t constantly complain about how shitty guys are in the world when there are so many girls who act the way they do.

I’ll end this post with some advice for all the girls out there: seek respect not attention! It lasts longer.


Damaged people are dangerous because they know they can survive.


Well, long time no see, my sincerest apologies! The past two weeks have been super crazy! But I promise to make it up to you!

So I’ve come to realize that being a part of the real world of “adulthood” comes with actual responsibility. Who knew? Up until this point I always thought there were two lives to lead: to work everyday, pay bills, be boring or to party your ass off, go on adventures, and not have a care in the world.

I think it is pretty clear what path I chose for the last 7 years lol. During that time I thought I was living the DREAM! I mean I barely had to pay rent, I usually always had a place to stay, if there wasn’t food to eat there were drugs to do to keep me from eating, and the people I met just amazed me! The stories, the struggles, the pain, it was all so tragically beautiful I couldn’t help but be drawn to it.

Normal life was boring to me. I didn’t understand how people did it. I tried the whole nice boyfriend, full time job, home we pay for, cooking dinner, having a pet, guests over for drinks… I faked a smile but inside I was screaming. I began to feel that I was just so fucked up, like my mind was just so dark and twisted that the idea of normal was not actually normal, but dysfunction is where I felt at ease. That’s when I broke free from the cage of normalcy I was trapped in and spiraled right down the rabbit hole of total chaos.

Looking back I don’t regret it, I have some amazing stories, but nothing compares to the stories I am creating as of now. Here I am, working a full time job in an office, living ALONE in a one bedroom apartment that I pay for. But boredom is the furthest word from my vocabulary. Last weekend I was invited to a house party of a celebrity. I drank high end alcohol all night among some of the biggest names in music and stayed there til 4:30am. It was unreal. This weekend I went with my stepbrother to a new club I’ve never been to and not only did we walk past the line RIGHT up to the door, but it was one of the best clubs I’ve been to in a while.

The people I meet now are some of the most unique individuals I have ever met with the most beautiful spirits. They have jobs and homes but they live their lives to the fullest every chance they get. Now I have discovered that there are not two different lives to live, that you can actually live both, and still be okay.

I think living the life I want is easier now, because I actually have something to lose for once, and it feels pretty damn good.


Nice people don’t get good ratings… They probably plan things too.


Hello my long lost blog readers! It feels as though it has been forever, probably because it has, but for very good reason! I have to say that Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday, unfortunately I didn’t get to celebrate last year due to being in rehab, so I decided to make up for that this year.

Let me start off by saying that it is practically almost Wednesday and I have yet to fully recover from my weekend festivities. Apparently I am not young anymore and cannot handle four days of straight drinking with no consequences. Who knew? Haha. Halloween was a Thursday this year and even though I have the pleasure of working a day job I decided to go out to a small house party. I didn’t know anyone there, or plan on staying long, didn’t even think I’d drink much (ha good joke Kara). Within fifteen minutes I had made two new best friends and I was taking shots of tequila. In between shots I was sipping on a margarita and some wine (because mixing is always a good idea right?) and didn’t end up in my bed until 2:30am.

My alarm went off at 6:30am the following morning and my Halloween celebration did not cut me any slack as far as hangovers were concerned. I sat in my cubicle trying my best to get through the day without throwing up because let’s face it no one wants to be that person at work. All I could think about was going home, crawling into bed, and sleeping for ten hours. Somehow before the day ended I accidentally agreed to go out to Hollywood with my coworkers for drinks. I was totally dreading it until I got home and took the hottest shower ever (amazing what that can do) because then I was ready to go! We began our casual evening with drinks at Lexington Social House which is a lovely place. Lovely meaning pretentious employees and over priced drinks! It really didn’t matter how the place looked considering a previous dealer of mine used to live nearby and all I could think about was whether or not he still lived there. Not because I wanted drugs, I didn’t, but because he was really quite the character and the idea of him still living there after all these years was really humorous to me. Our laid back night quickly turned into something different when we ended up at Drai’s Hollywood, six shots of Jack Daniels later and I was done for. The evening ended with my beautiful friend Marilyn walking me into my house, helping me take my boots off, and me passing out on my futon.

Eyes open bright and early Saturday morning 8am thanks to my natural alarm clock. I could taste Jack Daniels in my mouth and my head was pounding I wasn’t sure id be able to fall back asleep so I took a Tylenol PM and slept til noon. At 1pm I ventured out to Keira’s house (so excited) and we leave with Lauren to get coffee. I’m not sure what it is about being hungover that makes everything so funny but I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life. Lauren was filling us in on her current relationship situation with a guy who had a plan (ya, deal breaker) and we went over all the Disney movies and how they teach such horrible examples to young girls: “if you get drugged, pass out, and wake up to a strange man kissing you, marry him”. Thanks Sleeping Beauty. Afterwards we ate burritos then Keira and I went back to her house to get ready for Kristin’s party. We arrived on time (first time ever) and immediately began taking shots of cake flavored vodka. Guests continued to arrive and we continued to get drunk and dance and smoke cigarettes. I stood on a chair to give a champagne toast to Kristin, because let’s face it, that girl is a gem of a hostess! Around 5am everyone began trickling into sleeping areas, couches, floors, or if you’re Keira Steve and Hannah a bed to squeeze into haha.


The following morning we all woke up around 9:30-10am. Keira and I spent about an hour creatively thinking of different ways we could kill ourselves to ease the pain of our hangovers, but even laying down in the street seemed to require too much energy, it did turn into a pretty fun game though. We all decided to cook breakfast and Hannah went to the store with Keira returning with six bottles of champagne. I went ahead and skipped the whole eating idea, went straight to drinking with the hopes that my hangover would go away, either that or I’d get drunk and forget I was hungover. Over the next few hours everyone ended up being wasted again and it was extremely entertaining but at the same time very confusing. I found myself sitting there wondering how on earth people were acting so normal and okay but I felt closer to death than the ghost decorations hanging from the trees. I was literally at a point where I felt I had to conserve my laughter because I wasn’t sure how many breaths I had left hahaha!

The afternoon ended for me when my sister picked me up and I got to do laundry at a laundromat with her. Yeah, if you didn’t think those places were dull and depressing before, try going to one of them completely dead and hungover lol.

Now here I am, days later and still barely recovered, finally able to muster up enough energy to write this blog. Hope you all got the most out of your Halloween holiday like I did!


Who’s That Girl? It’s Jess!

20140107-010302.jpgHappy Halloween weekend everyone! I am currently laying down dying from a horrible headache (that will teach me to mix whipped cream vodka, fireball, and Jack Daniels).

Last night was definitely a Halloween party success for my group of friends! Despite the small bump we hit when two girls couldn’t decide on a costume (cut them some slack they did find out about the party last minute) I think we all looked pretty damn good! Of course I went as the ever so lovely Jess from the show New Girl, I even had a frame to go along with the intro of the show, and I just love Zooey Deschanel so it was fun pretending to be her. Alyson was a Los Pollos Hermanos Employee from the show Breaking bad, she even had home made “blue crystal meth”, and her boyfriend was Walter White! Sabreena and her friend Lizzie decided on super cross jerseys and then we were off!

The party was in an airplane hanger in Camarillo and it looked totally rad. I met up with my friend Eric who’s costume was 50 Shades of Grey, went to Home Depot and got the grey paint sample papers and glued them to his shit, PRICELESS! (Literally). The drinks were cheap and the DJ was cool, but I think the highlight of the night was the casino tables, everyone knows I love me some blackjack. Not to mention the dealer was SUCH a stud and I successfully went home with his phone number.

I know what you’re all thinking, “Kara your last few blogs said you were taking a break from guys and relationships and focusing on yourself”, but the universe works in mysterious ways! I’m still going to keep improving my life and I’m not going to get distracted but if this guy calls me I definitely have to answer!

Tell me about your Halloween adventures in a comment!


Stumble, Don’t Rumble, Cuz You Might Get Killed


Happy Sunday everyone and what a long weekend it was. Let me start of with saying how good it feels to be relaxing on my futon right now watching a Law & Order SVU marathon right now haha.

So Friday night really got my mind working on ideas for this blog. I went on an adventure down to the 805 to visit my old stomping grounds of Camarillo. It’s crazy to think that a year a half has gone by since I have been there and I can still run into people I used to know at the same places I used to hangout. This can be a good and bad thing. The good thing is that I made some amazing friends in that town and it is really refreshing that after not seeing or speaking to them in over a year I can bump into them and it’s like no time has passed. The bad thing? Well, with making friends comes making enemies, and I’ve made a few of those too. What I find absolutely HILARIOUS is that after almost two years of not seeing or speaking to me, someone who didn’t like me back then, could still not like me now. This isn’t true for everyone of course, I did run into one girl who I had a falling out with, and we hashed it out and things got put to rest and that was nice. But this other girl, who is a few years older than me, comes up to my and my friend Sean and he introduces us. That’s how insignificant the fight was, he literally forgot we even knew each other, and she gave me the dirtiest look and walked away. Him and I laughed about it and brushed it off but it got me thinking about how small minded some people are. There are people all over this world who are struggling with disease, addiction, death of loved ones, the list goes on, and you’re holding onto a grudge no one can even remember? That is the joy in hitting rock bottom and finding your way back though, you start to appreciate the little things, and let go of the things that really aren’t worth it.

Moving on, to Saturday night, what an amazing show. I don’t know how many of you have heard of the band Pepper but they are pretty rad! They’ve been around for a while, sound similar to Sublime, and they are HOT. Of course the concert was at Avalon in Hollywood so it was all standing no seating which leads to dealing with rude tall people who like to stand RIGHT in front of you. For those of you who don’t know me, I get a little feisty after a few drinks, and last night the gin and tonics were flowin through me. At one point this group of three (one guy two girls) push past us and stand right in front of not only us but also this nice couple standing next to us. This is when Alyson and I start to take action. We are dancing and moving around and bumping into them, you know just trying to get them to take a hint, but still keep it light and fun. That’s when the guy looks to Alyson and says “can you move you’re bumping into us” super serious tone. So I step in and say to him and his blonde girlfriend “we were here first and you had no problem pushing us out of the way so how do you like it? You’re not just blocking us but this couple behind you. We all got here hours ago so how bout you move”. Then Donna from That 70s Show turned Orange is the New Black steps up to me, gets in my face, and says “hey leave my sister alone she has never been here before.” I went on to say that I’m not sure what that has to do with anything but she is like 10 years older than me so it would be pretty embarrassing for her if she fought me. She turned and they didn’t move kept ignoring us as we continued dancing and messing around, finally the guy told Alyson to “knock it off, seriously” and called me a fucking weirdo! This guy was like 40! So I pulled the super upset/offended card: “wow I can’t believe you just called me a weirdo that is seriously so rude like what is wrong with you don’t you have manners?” That’s when he apologized and they walked away. VICTORY IS OURS!

We ended the night on the Bardot Terrace watching Mat Sonne DJ, drinking, and dancing the night away! Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine!


“If you’re tryin to be a slut in the city, make sure you wear a skinny black belt”

20130929-133338.jpgHappy Hangover Sunday everyone! Well, let me start off by saying, it was difficult to get out of bed this morning. But no matter how hard my head was pounding it was still proof to me that I had a good night!

My Saturday started out chillin with my bestie Alyson in her backyard. This was short lived because the idea of laying down in her bed napping was just too tempting, so we did just that (yeah we are old, get over it). After I awoke from a lovely nap I showered and waited for my other bestie Keira to pick me up. We went to her house and popped the Champagne (don’t worry it was past 5pm… Or at least 4:45pm lol) and started doing girly stuff aka our hair, makeup and picking out our clothes. As Keira tried on the cutest outfit ever (because she is by far the cutest girl ever) we noticed the outfit was not quite complete. It seemed to be missing something… We thought about it for a few minutes and then we realized what she needed: a skinny black belt. Because, everyone knows: if you’re tryin to be a slut in the city, all you need a skinny black belt.

We got picked up around 7:30pm after drinking about half a bottle of Smirnoff Raspberry Pomegranate Sorbet Light (because we are watching our figures) and then it was off to Hollywood. The rest of the evening was kind of a blur probably due to the massive amounts of Stoli Chocolate Raspberry shots (my new favorite). We listened to some version of Ska/Punk live music at a bar in NOHO and ate some fabulous food from a truck outside run by two very friendly Koreans named Paul and Chris. I chatted up a guy from New York and met a friendly bus boy by the name of Kyle who had a pretty rad beard. At one point a bunch of us were standing outside smoking when we noticed someone was missing, macking with a silver fox around the corner (this person will remain nameless) don’t judge either because he may have been in his 40s and divorced, but he was a smokin hottie. Plus we are a bunch of girls and everyone knows girls tend to have our daddy issues surface with a few drinks in our system.

We left and went walking to the car when I saw a roach that was LITERALLY the size of a small dog. No joke, I could have put a leash on it and taught it to roll over, guess that’s why it’s called NOho. We got to a piano bar near Hollywood and Vine where we met a fat version of Leonard from Big Bang Theory. He was very nice, knew how to make friends, and seemed to remember what he learned in kindergarten (the importance of sharing). At this point in the evening we were all pretty tossed. I had somehow come up with the notion that I was married to a guy who came with us, a friend of Hannah’s boyfriend, but also made it clear that by Monday we’d be divorced (me and my fear of commitment). He had nicknamed me baby, causing me to keep yelling “nobody puts baby in the corner!” Haha. We decided to leave and walked through the back patio gate which had a clearly marked EXIT sign, the bouncer I guess wasn’t aware of the sign and since Steve (Hannah’s actor bf) was last to walk out he almost got forced to stay in! (Should have tried to pull the whole “don’t you know who I am” actor card Steve, duh). As we approached the car making plans to go to Mel’s Diner we see a conveniently placed hot dog vendor in the parking lot causing Keira and Hannah to LITERALLY jump for joy. We all got hot dogs and enjoyed small talk with the little Mexican vendor about his wife’s homemade habanera sauce (it was divine) then got in the car to get home (safely thanks to Steve not drinking).

Us girls arranged ourselves in a cuddle puddle in the backseat (boob grabbing and all) while listening to slow jams by Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus (yeah judge us, we don’t care, we sang along too). By the time we got home my ribs were crushed by the Geary sisters and we were so disoriented we didn’t realize we were home. We got out and it was FREEZING as we sprinted to the house to find their little sister Leila just getting home too. It was dark as Keira and I approached the garage while Hannah was still as the car giving the bf some sugar, Leila kept calling me Hannah as we walked up so I said “Hannah is dead” as I ran in. She could then immediately tell it was me, I mean come on you can place this deep raspy voice anywhere, and we all started laughing. I burst into Hannah’s room and jumped into her bed, she followed shortly after, and the night ended with us spooning for warmth as we fell sound asleep.

Of course like all my sleepovers, Hannah awoke confused and alone in an empty bed, as I had slipped out early this morning hahahaha and now I am home recovering from the evenings events by recapping them to all of you.

Til next time blog readers!

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