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Childhood: Innocence. Denial. Reality.
Three relative ideals held onto until skeletons finally burst from closets.

Relationships: Sex. Love. Respect.
Three once cohesive ideals detached from one another
at the hands of cynical perspectives.

Drugs: Curiosity. Recreation. Addiction.
Three stages of progression. Starts as an experiment. Then it’s just “Harmless Fun”. By the time you reach the end, it has become what it has always been, a vice; A way to cope in an effort to survive this cruel world, masked by the allure of “Harmless Fun”.

Rock Bottom: Isolation. Darkness. Fear.
“Failure of vision. Failure to see the world as it is.
To see the good in what it is,
only to wonder why the hell things look like they do,
and not some other way”.
[Quote courtesy of Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel]


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