On the next Intervention: “Help! I think my kitten has joined a Street Gang”

Hello everyone! Today’s post is on a pretty serious subject that I think the world really needs to be informed about: Kitten Gangs.

No, your eyes do not deceive you, nor did my auto correct complete that sentence. Kitten Gangs are very real and growing more common by the SECOND! The most dangerous part about it is that you would never expect their crimes because they are so damn cute! So, now I must move on and tell you, that I fear my kitten has joined a street gang.

I don’t know what to do at this point. I really don’t want to lose her completely but I am so afraid that one of these days she is going to stroll in with blood on her paws. Or maybe I will come home to my electronics having been stolen. Who knows how far she will go once she is in too deep! What is next? What if she turns to using drugs! Cat Nip these days could be laced with Lord knows what! I guess in order for you all to understand I should start at the beginning…

I first noticed the signs right after I began taking Katerina (my kitten) outside. I would have her on a leash in hopes to familiarize her with the neighborhood and etc. but despite how many cats i have seen out being walked by their owners Kat refused to be walked. She just wanted to be able to explore with freedom and I mean I can’t just lock in an adventurous spirit!! So I let her off the leash and ever since then she got the WORST attitude I mean talk about teen angst! ¬†Any time she was inside the house the begging was constant “Mew! Mew! Meeewww!” and there is only so much one can bear. When I would open the door she would dart by me and run out, refusing to return until the early morning hours, sometimes even 3am or later!

One day I let her out and left my slider open while I cleaned up my place, it was a Saturday so I was home, I was hoping she could burn out some energy in an attempt to plan on sleeping in Sunday, plus I could keep on eye on her. All of a sudden I go to the door to listen for her and hear absolutely nothing (which worried me) so I walked out to investigate when I heard it. My Kat was fighting with another cat! I mean she was really holding her own for how small she is and how big the cat was but I was just appalled by this behavior! I yelled at her and got her inside while she hissed at me and was just acting completely wild. Lets just say she was grounded after that.

Next she began her routine of ruining my sleep habits. At night time when I would get into bed THAT is when she decided to be wild and run around my place knocking things over. In the early morning hours of my WEEKEND the incessant meowing and walking all over me until I woke up beame a frequent occurrence. So we agreed that I will let her out in the morning as long as she came back when it got dark. A few nights ago I got home and went over to where she usually explores to call her inside. I heard her meowing and then she hopped up on the wall connecting my backyard with my neighbors (behind our house). She meowed at me and I told her to come inside, then she looked down behind the wall and meowed, all of a sudden the same cat she fought with hopped up next to her… Kat looks at me and does this cute little “mew” basically expecting me to let this cat to sleep over. I mean what a little sneak right? Of course I said no and did not hear the end of that the rest of the night.

What worries me is that I am thinking that cat fight may have been the process of her “getting jumped in” to a Kitten Street Gang. Once I came to that conclusion all of these horrible things ran through my mind: what if all these late nights are the result of the initiation process, maybe she has tasks to complete to prove her loyalty, I mean who knows! I really don’t want her to fall any deeper into this lifestyle, she has such a bright future ahead of her, she is not even a year old yet! Only just turned 7 months old on the 9th!

One last thing is, and this is the worst of all, the cat they call Zorro, I received a text one day from an unknown number asking me how Zorro was. I was very confused and responded saying they had the wrong number, to which the replied “don’t you have that cat Zorro now?”, uhmm no I have never heard of this ‘Zorro’ character… No communication after that. Could this cat known by “Zorro” possibly be the leader of this gang? Maybe word has spread about Kat and that is what inspired the random text? I know I sound paranoid but I am just at the end of my rope here.

Please help free my kitten from the hold this darkness has on her! I cannot do this alone and fear this is my last hope! I just want my little Katerina back!


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