They’ll be no rest for the Wicked…

Well it’s Tuesday…. Don’t you just love going back to work after a holiday weekend? Yeah right, I don’t think anyone enjoys that, besides maybe the fact that you end up with a shorter work week. Always gotta stay positive right? Right.

I am not sure about all of you but my weekend was definitely memorable. I will start by saying that my good friends Keira and Hannah Geary came out, yes the Geary sisters, so that should really sum it up for all of you. I am still going to paint the picture anyway haha. The evening started at my house where we opened a bottle of wine and got ready for our Saturday evening. We had decided to go to the Rabbit Hole since they had never been and I very much enjoy going there. Our Uber showed up and off we went, already a little lushed up from the wine, we arrived ready to take on the night with full force. And we did.

It started slow, just ordering some drinks for them to try, taking photos and stuff. As the night rolled on I witnessed Hannah get picked up and carried around by a very tall dark gentleman, a small dance party between Hannah myself and a Colombian guy, and how could we forget over hearing Hannah ask a guy with NECK TATTOOS if he used makeup to cover up his teardrop…. Quite the evening indeed. I honestly cannot tell you how much we drank but it was A LOT.

Now that you all have a brief rundown of our evening I will continue on to a point I wanted to make in this post. Why is it that there are guys in this world that feel they can be SUCH dbags to girls at bars. Like I am sorry but neck tattoo guy was a serious tool and I am not judging him based on the fact that he had neck tattoos or anything because I know plenty of nice people with tattoos there. I am just saying that he was literally acting as if we should like worship the ground he walked on and it just bothers me so much when guys act that way. Especially to a group of girls who he doesn’t know that are just out having a good time together. Like get over yourself dude.

Oh also, if you do get lucky to get a girls number, I highly recommend not texting them about meeting up to have sex that same night. Like does that usually work for you? It just blows my mind. #MindBlown.

The evening ended with us getting an Uber back to my house and opening yet ANOTHER bottle of wine. Just hanging out talking drunk until like 5am (even though I had to be up at 730 NBD).  In the end it doesn’t matter how much rest you get, because the truth is, no one looks back on those memories and thinks about all that great SLEEP they had.

No there ain’t no rest for the wicked
Until we close our eyes for good” -Cage the Elephant


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