You’re killing me to walk away

Well it is Tuesday which I suppose is better than Monday but it is still the beginning of the work week which is a total bummer. I am sorry for not writing for a while but my life has been SO hectic with closing escrow on my mom’s house and getting that all taken care of with estate sales and what not.

For today’s post I wanted to touch on a common situation that seems to occur in the world of dating and/or relationships. The situation I speak of is when things seem to be going so well in the beginning and then all of a sudden you are no longer getting calls/texts or any show of interest from your significant other. I think I speak for everyone in the WORLD when I say how unbelievably frustrating it is when this happens. I mean here we are thinking everything is working out so nicely and then *poof* they’re gone with no explanation whatsoever.

We have all been here, some of us have probably been the one doing the disappearing act, and I just have to say that the polite thing to do is just COMMUNICATE! You know how all therapists answers to like everything, whether is be marriage dating or families, is always communication? Everyone says how therapy is BS and they always give the same answers which offer no help. Funny thing is that communicating is probably the only answer to life’s many issues when it comes to human relationships. If you are dating someone and at first you are like REALLY into them, then for whatever reason you just aren’t into it anymore, I am pretty sure the solution is not to ignore them. All that does is drive the other person totally crazy wondering what in the world they could have done wrong (it may even lead to endless texts/phone calls) resulting in you getting irritated and calling them crazy which just isn’t nice.

One day soon I won’t be the one who waits for you.”

The questions that come from this situation are in NO WAY crazy either. As it clearly says in the lyrics in the above picture, they basically just want to know why it is that now you don’t want them and won’t return their calls, and the only conclusion is that you were leading them on the entire time. And if at one point you were interested then why not continue putting in the effort to keep them around and make something work? Considering the behavior that is being displayed on the end of the person doing the “dodging” none of that really makes someone a crazy person. Now, if they CONTINUE to call and go back to you when you do answer knowing that it will always end the same way, that is the definition of insanity: doing the same action over and over expecting a different result. But let’s be real here, it is pretty much impossible to walk away from something we really want, especially without an explanation or at least something telling us WHY we are walking away.

Unfortunately, even in writing this post, I can honestly say that this is one of those mysteries that will most likely never be answered. Some people are either too naive to know that they are leading you on. Or they have such low self esteem that they enjoy the idea of you racking your brain for hours on end about him or her, talking to all of your friends about it, and possibly even sitting around waiting for them to show you even the slightest bit of attention again. If you ask me that person is the pathetic one, you should not get down on yourself because that guy or girl lead you on, you should be thankful that you didn’t get stuck dating such an insecure mess.


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2 thoughts on “You’re killing me to walk away

  1. Kara this post totally hit home for me and you are so right on about everything! There is nothing more frustrating than dating someone for a few weeks only to have them completely drop off to nonexistent communication leaving you wondering if they are still interested but busy or any of a long list of possibilities. At what point do you have to assume that you’re never going to hear back? It takes less than a minute to pick up the phone and text someone something along the lines of, hey I’m not interested anymore, thanks.

    • That’s exactly what I am saying. How hard is it to just be honest and say look it was cool at first but now it’s just not working out. It definitely doesn’t make things end any smoother by avoiding things. But I stick by my thoughts on the fact that they probably don’t want to end it 100% because they still like knowing there is someone there to fall back on when they need someone. It honestly drives me crazy to see my friends racking their brains for what they could have done to make the guy or girl just ditch them like that. #scumbags

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