Oh it’s finally the weekend. I gotta write this post because it is about something that has just been bothering me for a while now. Show of hands for how many of you think it is cute when the object of your affection is TOO clingy. Ok obviously I can’t see your hands but I am going to assume very few of them are raised (hopefully).

Boys here’s a little piece of advice: just because you want to hang out with a girl super bad doesn’t mean you have to SHOW her how bad. Trust me there is nothing less attractive than a guy texting you all day and night when you just started hanging out. Sure, there may be some girls out there who like to hear from the guy 24/7 and hangout ALL the time, but it isn’t genuine. It all stems from insecurity and jealousy and etc. That is why I don’t trust guys who behave that way either. Oh I’m sorry you have known me all of two weeks and you’re already so sure that you want to spend every minute with me? And if you’re not with me you miss me so much you need to be texting me? Sorry dude but that does not make me feel special. It just makes me think you act that way with every girl and I’m just like all the rest. Also it makes me feel suffocated and it’s not cute.

So you meet a girl and exchange numbers and start texting or whatever. That’s nice and all, small talk, gettin to know each other, the usual. Then you feel the need to push your luck and jump straight into asking to hang out right away. Like woah. Cool your jets turbo. Now all I wanna do is stop texting you and avoid a hang out to the best of my ability. I mean let’s be real here, when it is the girl behaving that way toward you, what is your impression? “This girl is crazy” “she’s so clingy” you think it is any different when roles are reversed? Nope. I think the only difference is a guy will probably still sleep with a girl despite how clingy and crazy she is even if he can’t stand her long enough to date her. Girls can’t roll like that, or at least I can’t, I find it impossible.

Obviously I can’t speak for all girls but that’s the inside scoop for me. Now that doesn’t mean that we want NO communication either. There’s such thing as just enough knowledge of your feelings and just enough mystery. It’s not rocket science people. Enjoy your weekend!


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Hi I like you, wanna hang out every day forever?

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