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Ugh, is it really Monday already?!?! I feel like the weekend just flew right by me. This weekend was pretty mellow, I really didn’t do much, but my childhood friend Natalie was in town from Vegas so I spent all my time with her. Crazy how time can totally pass you by and you won’t even talk to a specific friend for SO long but when you see them it’s literally as if you just saw them a week ago. I love friendships like that. But seriously enough of my rambling totally off topic, let’s get on with it, shall we?

So if you cannot already tell what this post is going to be about by the picture above then don’t worry I will be explaining it in full detail. Although I am pretty sure most of you can guess where I will be taking this, or at least have an idea of some sort, am I right? Yeah. So here’s the thing: I love my cell phone. I really, really do. But I really don’t love it enough to have it sit in my hand for an extended period of time so I can have a text conversation for however long. I mean, I do have other things to do, as shocking as it is, I am not a TOTAL loser. And yeah, maybe those things don’t consist of anything above doing laundry or watching netflix, but they are things nonetheless! I just cannot stand those people who say “well it is just texting it isn’t like I have you on the phone you should be able to multitask”. Actually, no, it is not easy to text you while I am sorting through clothes or doing my hair. I would actually be easier to talk on the phone because then I could have you on speaker. But even then I probably wouldn’t be able to hear you very clearly, what with the washer going or the blow dryer, so it is most likely a better choice to just catch up when I am NOT BUSY.

And seriously, during my shows, are you joking? I get it if you don’t know I am watching my show. So you ask me what I’m doing, and I say I’m watching my show, then you continue on with the conversation about either A) what is happening in the show or B) a topic which is completely unrelated to the show I am currently watching. Both options are equally annoying, TRUST ME. Although I know that it may only take a few seconds for me to glance down to read your text and send a quick/witty response back and it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal. However, in that second that I was not paying attention, someone on my show could have gotten attacked, or pregnant, or died, or gotten injected with some crazy virus, I mean SO MANY THINGS could happen in that few seconds!

Now we get to the part where you are all thinking “well Kara, why don’t you just not text back?” Good question. Why don’t I just ignore the texts until a more convenient time hmm? I will tell you why. Because I am a total weirdo and there is something in my DNA that makes me feel like a total JERK by not responding. Even though the person probably assumes I am busy and knows I will text back when I can, I am still sitting there thinking of the person who texted me expecting a response and I just can’t bear to leave them hanging! It is a lot of pressure and I think the solution is honestly just to take a break from the communication for a bit. I mean really there is no reason to text people all day every day is there?

I am sure my sister is going to think this is about her, and it isn’t about anyone in particular, to be honest a lot of my friends text and call me very frequently. Not to sound like everyone is just DYING to talk to me all the time, but yeah for some reason I get a lot of texts and calls, and I gotta say I am just not into the constant communication. When I get home I am having my alone time you know? I am relaxing and winding down after my work day. I don’t want to have to have conversations with people. Sometimes I just wanna be alone without worrying if someone is waiting for a response or not. I think everyone should start spending more time without texting and calling their friends unless they REALLY have something to say. Like if you want to make plans, or if something happened and you want to share the story, those are good reasons for texting or calling.



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