Being comfortable in your own skin doesn’t mean you have to show so much of it.

Well hello everyone and happy… Tuesday? Hahaha. Hey at least it’s not still Monday though right? I know I kind of already wrote a post in regards to ladies and being classy and etc. I got the idea to revisit the topic today when a discussion came about based on some frequent Facebook posts of girls have naked with crazy colors in their hair covered in tattoos. I made a comment in regards to the girls in the photos and referred to them as “trashy” and I was instantly responded to with the defense of “Tattoos do not make them trashy, it is what is underneath that matters, and they should not be faulted for being comfortable in their own skin”.


First, I would like to make one thing clear, I in no way think having tattoos makes you trashy. I have eight tattoos for crying out loud! So if I were to call girls trashy for having tattoos I would only be calling myself trashy… which I would never do. Second, obviously what lies underneath the aesthetically pleasing look is always more important than what you see on the surface, but in this case none of us know what type of personalities these girls have therefore we can only comment on what we see. Third and final point, I really do not see how anyone could define posing in photos naked or wearing skanky outfits, as being comfortable in their own skin.

I feel that showing so much skin is the absolute OPPOSITE of being comfortable with themselves. I see that as being extremely insecure with an obvious need for some sort of validation so they jump to the easiest way to get it which is for their body (duh, that’s why so many girls sleep around when they get dumped or when they have “daddy issues”). But of course a guy would see that as being comfortable in their own skin, they have no idea what its like to be a girl, they see it is as being a strong confident woman to put themselves out there naked for the world to see.

38bc1d254241aa7e8992c4f09ccfbf1aI mean honestly I do not judge these girls for what they do. To me they are just lost, I know that at some point they will find their way, and sometimes they don’t but that just makes me sad not judgmental. Take a look at the playboy models… they are all SO fake. Fake breasts, fake lips, fake tan, fake hair, etc. How on earth does changing the way you look and publishing it in a magazine portray being “comfortable” with who they are? And the Suicide Girls (with whom I am referring to in the above Facebook post discussion) most of them are just representing an image for people who like that style to look at. Crazy colors in their hair, tattoos, piercings, and barely any clothes. They aren’t doing it for themselves they are doing it for other people. I must say though the title is very fitting, seeing as they are exactly that, Girls.

No woman feels the need to expose herself to the world to prove her confidence or pride in her body. Real women know that sex appeal isn’t in the lack of clothes you wear it is the way you carry yourself. Just look at the differences between the two icons Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Yeah, maybe more guys thought Marilyn was sexier, but remember how sad she was? Remember how she died? Audrey lived a full life of not only making movies but helping the less fortunate. She is a true definition of class and I doubt she was ever disrespected by a man.

Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”



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