The only way to be turned off to being famous… is to be famous.

Happy Monday everyone. I know no one likes the start of a new work week but hopefully it will go by fast! Today was just like any other day, which means I spent most of it on twitter, which inspired this blog post.

As I browse through today’s tweets from the Celebrities I follow I noticed something that left me a little curious. These famous people have like thousands, some of them even millions, of followers on twitter. They tweet something and get like a BILLION comments from total strangers around the world. Now obviously that is their fan base and their is nothing wrong with that, however, it is still a little bit intense.

For example: Justin Bieber tweets something and within seconds has 13k comments. And not just any old comments either… CRAZY things like how much they love him, would die for him, and etc. When I say love I don’t mean normal fan love, I mean they LITERALLY think they are in love with him, and live their life just wishing for him to follow them on Twitter.

Now I know what you are all thinking. Who cares right? They’re famous, they make millions of dollars off of these people, they probably love the attention. What got me so curious was wondering if they really do enjoy it or if sometimes it kind of freaks them 3ca18beb3d71dab06c6789cea055f305out. I put myself in that position and think “yeah it would be cool to be in movies or sing on stage, inspire people and make a difference in some lives” I mean who wouldn’t want a little bit of that in their life? But then I think about sitting down at my computer and checking my twitter to see 13k comments similar to the ones I listed above. I honestly think I would be kind of freaked out. All the body guards in the world wouldn’t make me feel safe from some of the die hard fans out there that would literally do anything for a chance to touch me. No Thank You.

Here is an even better example of the pressures of fame: Harry Potter. Yeah, yeah, I know he is a fictional character. Doesn’t make it any less true. He was famous ever since he was a baby and he grew up living with the heavy burden of having to prove himself and never let anyone down. He had people who wanted to destroy him, people who envied him, and people who were jealous of him. Obviously there was more to the story than that but you get where I am going with this. Harry Potter definitely had a more stressful life being famous than if he was never famous at all.


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