This is where I draw the line…

“First you hug her, and then you roll her over to her side of the bed, and then you roll away. Hug for her… roll for you.”
-Ross, Friends

10 thoughts on “This is where I draw the line…

  1. 1. I commend you on not being a needy, bed-hogging cuddle freak. Too many girls are.

    2. I additionally commend you on being selective/particular about who you invite to share your bed. Far too many girls I encounter speak about “picking up” or “getting laid” like they’re men. It’s disgusting.

    1. Thanks. Yeah I take pride in being independent and being secure with being alone. And yeah girls lost the concept of class I wrote a blog about that a little while ago. It is pretty ridiculous.

    2. Wow, that double standard… So it’s ok for men to ‘pick up’ chicks and ‘get laid’ but somehow that doesn’t also apply to women? People like you are what’s wrong with the world.

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