No lies, just Love.

Well it’s been a while but I’m back and just in time for a post inspired by everyone’s favorite/least favorite holiday: Valentines Day.

I’m not going to lie here I definitely struggled with this one. I was torn between the decision to write my normal pessimistic views and ideals or to take a more optimistic route. I know it seems like the obvious choice would be the negative one but I feel like it’s time to spice things up a bit. I have never really celebrated Valentines Day before and I don’t really see a huge reason to. I mean don’t get me wrong I think it’s nice to have a night of romance and love and etc. But I feel like because it is set on one day there is so much pressure to plan the perfect night or get the perfect gift. And if you’re single you freak out about the idea of spending the evening alone. It is SO STRESSFUL!

Let me tell you though, after 26 years here on earth, the best advice I can give in regards to love is to never look for it. Let it find you. The universe will make things happen on their own you can’t force it and you shouldn’t want to. Trust me, it’s worth the wait, and it’s really nice when someone comes into your life when you least expect it. (I cannot confirm nor deny if I’m speaking from recent experience lol).


I apologize for how long it has been since my last post and I hope to get back into posting regularly now that my life is less chaotic. Hope you all had an enjoyable Valentines Day, whether you spent it with a significant other, friends, or even by yourself. Now I’ve stayed up way too late watching Dexter but at least I got this post done for all of you!


[Currently listening to: Lover I don’t Have to Love by Bright Eyes]


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