Well it seems to be that time again my lovely blog readers. Before I start into today’s post I would like everyone to just take a moment to admire how amazing the above photo is. Everything about it is just pure beauty to me. It is the perfect example of how to portray desire and sex in a sultry yet tasteful way. It is not too revealing but it is not too PG either, you see, it shows enough to put the idea of sex in your mind but still leaves most of it up to your own imagination. Truth is, our imagination is always ten THOUSAND times better than a picture anyways, right?

The lyrics I added to the photo are from the song The Bad in Each Other by Feist (which I highly recommend you all listen to… like right now). The song explains how two people can be good separately but then they begin to date and can’t seem to find that good in one another (that they have by themselves) what happens next is each person brings out the worst side in the other. I am sure some of you out there know what I am talking about. The more you try to make it work the more it doesn’t work at all.

“This is for everything we ever got wrong, and how we loved each other, in all the wrong ways.”

Sometimes you get in a relationship like this and it comes to a point where you are honestly BEGGING for it to end in any way possible… because you just cannot stand this person that you have become by being with them. It sounds terrible but it is so true you like wish they would just fuck up and cheat on you or something to make it easy. But if they don’t and obviously you don’t want to be the one to cheat so for some reason even though everything about you two being together is wrong you two still keep at it.

I think for me I really loved the fact that we brought those sides out of one another. When I met my ex boyfriend he was so shy and quiet I never for a second thought he would ever show me the side he later revealed. So once he did, even though it scared me, it also gave me this sort of adrenaline rush. I know it sounds so stupid and trust me it really was I definitely don’t recommend it (but hey it was a learning experience). Also I felt that I was there to like help him or something you know? Make his life better? I don’t know it is just so like me to try and “rescue” everyone even when they may not need it or ask for it. But he made me feel like that was who I was to him. So there I was blinded by that idea and instead of seeing the bad parts I was REALLY bringing out I was convinced I was helping him grow and mature (aka bringing out a good side of him). “Hi, my name is Kara, I used to be so naive it’s pathetic”. Wow feels good to get that off my chest. LOL.

silver lining2

The thing to remember is that you may appear to be everything to that person at that point in both of your lives but imagine how much BETTER you could be once you are free from it? I mean I feel like you could be with someone who treats you like a Princess/Prince and that is nice and all…. but what about someone out there who is willing to treat you like a Queen/King?

“I read with every broken heart we should become more adventurous”  -Rilo Kiley

So honestly if you are out there wishing for your relationship to fail do not sit there and beat yourself up thinking you’re a bad person. Yes they may be an amazing boyfriend/girlfriend but you know what? So are YOU. So do the both of you a favor and just end it, before you do something stupid like hurt one another, because no one likes a messy breakup. We are all adults here after all.


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I never felt so wicked as when I willed our love to die.

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