How thirsty is too thirsty?

Well it is Monday everyone and you know what that means: the weekend is over and I hope everyone has some fun stories to tell! As for me, Friday night was definitely memorable, and I am going to share it with all of you.

I am not sure how familiar all of you are with the clubs of Hollywood but there is one called Supperclub and it has always shown me a good time. So on Friday night me and my girlfriends decide we want to go out and I text some friends of mine that are promoters and they make it happen. We meet up with them at their MANSION of a house (not even joking it was huge) and we pile in their car heading to Hollywood Blvd.

20140112-230423.jpgOnce we get to the club we walk right in and head to the table. The bottles arrive and we just start drinking and dancing and having a blast. This is exactly what we needed. The shots start coming the drinks are constantly refilled and it’s only a matter of time before we are all feeling pretty tipsy. The DJ wasn’t bad either, I think the only bad thing was the constant long line to the women’s bathroom, and the kinky vending machine placed outside selling condoms and lube (so gross). All in all the time spent in the club was extremely fun and we danced all night!

This is when it gets rough. Our ride tells us it is time to go NOW and by this time I am the only sober one between me and my two friends so I had to round them up. One of them was in the upstairs bathroom and one of them was being held on to for DEAR LIFE by some desperate guy. Now I don’t mind being patient for you to give my girl your number, but once that is done and I’m trying to get her out but you still won’t let her go, pretty douche bag move. I mean yeah she was wasted so it was hard to convince her it was time to leave but he understood perfectly but he was just an asshole. Because there is thirsty and there is too thirsty ya know? That guy was just TOO THIRSTY! Lol!

20140112-232045.jpgAnyway, we get to the car and everything seems fine, after a few minutes of driving I hear from one of my friends next to me “I need to throw up”. Next thing you know I’m screaming “she’s gonna throw up pull over!” Because of course I’m by the door and I don’t want to get puked on! We pull over I jump out and she starts throwing up, when she seems finished I clean her up and we get back in, leaving her by the door. The rest of the way home driving down the 405 she has her head out the window puking down the side of the car (still feel terrible about that) while I am holding her hair out of her face. We get back to the house and we all go in, I directly walk to the patio for a cigarette of course, and when I come back in this is where I see my friend:

Hahaha gotta love it right?! She was such a champ though I mean she seriously drank SO much I felt so bad for her being that sick (although my other friend and I did get some entertainment from it lol). It took some serious effort but we got her in the backseat of my car and we got back to her house safely and passed out around 4-5am? Pretty solid Friday night if you ask me. Of course my friend suffered a rough hangover the following morning.


Hope she has recovered by now! Lol! Last night was fun went to a BBQ and drank champagne then got to hangout with my brothers pup all day today! Hope you all had a memorable weekend!


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