Hello everyone! For today’s post I wanted to cover a VERY popular subject that I often see debated shortly after someone watches the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Now if you have not seen this movie I recommend you put it on the MUST SEE list, not only is it very artistically done with the cinematography and soundtrack, but it has a lovely cast AND it is on Netflix instant queue! Anyway, just in case there are some of you who have not seen it, I will be sure not to spoil it for you.

Here is my question:

If you had the opportunity to erase someone from your memory, would you do it?


I mean we have all thought about it right? Some of us have even said it when we are mad/angry. The whole “I wish I had never met you” fight. But when push comes to shove, do you REALLY think you could do it? I have thought about this same question myself many times, and although I have a pretty even list of pros and cons, my end result is always the same. I know I was supposed to meet that person for a reason no matter how HORRIBLE things turn out. The biggest problem I have is that you have to erase the good with the bad, you can’t just pick and choose, and I believe that the good ALWAYS out weighs the bad. Maybe not enough to stay together or make things work but enough to make you thankful for the times you shared with that person.

No matter how many times I have cried. been hurt, or even suffered some sort of emotional or physical trauma, I know that if I erased that person a part of my life would be empty. There would be a gap in my history and a big confusion as to why I may be a certain way. Perhaps the time spent with that person changed me, caused me to grow as a person, erasing them wouldn’t erase who I have become because of them. Doesn’t mean I am going to send them a thank you card though lol.

So think about it, in all your life experiences, what would you choose?

If you haven’t seen the movie I highly suggest you do it is really good but make sure you pay attention because it moves kind of quick and can get a bit confusing. Feedback is always appreciated so please comment your responses and Topic Requests are always welcome!


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Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better, even of their blunders. -Nietzsche

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