Your heart is a stone buried beneath your pretty clothes. Don’t you know people write songs about girls like you?


Good evening friends and followers. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend because I definitely did. I am so thankful for my friend Sabrina because she made it a priority to ensure I had a fun time to get my mind off recent bad situations I’ve experienced! She is seriously the best!

Anyways tonight’s post may be a little short because I’m extremely sore from yoga and exhausted! But I wanted to make it a point to cover the subject of a specific type of girl. And this is not coming from a place where I think I am better than anyone else because I believe we have all been a different form of this girl once in our lives. We all have insecurities and sometimes we care a little too much about what people think. However there is a point where most of us grow out of this but some girls just don’t and some girls honestly take it a little too far, it just drives me so crazy.

To see women behave in such a way where they not only disrespect themselves but other people around them? It makes me sad! I mean these girls know they’re beautiful and they know they have guys eating out of the palm of their hands so they use it to their advantage no matter if it hurts them in the end. It’s ridiculous!

So as it says in the lyrics above (which is a song I recently discovered) what would these girls do if people started to see who they REALLY were? What if they lost the looks, the makeup, the clothes? How would they survive if guys stopped chasing after them giving them endless attention? Because they need that don’t they?

There will come a time when you want to settle down and get married and guys don’t want to marry girls who play dumb and play games and tease and put on a show. Real men want to marry real women. We can’t constantly complain about how shitty guys are in the world when there are so many girls who act the way they do.

I’ll end this post with some advice for all the girls out there: seek respect not attention! It lasts longer.



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