Imagine meeting someone who understood even the darkest corners of your mixed up soul

Happy Monday everyone. So sorry for the delay, but considering it was a holiday weekend and all, I assume you were all busy with Thanksgiving festivities anyway!

Now I’m sure you read the image above and immediately thought “wait a minute, this seems familiar, she already wrote a blog about soul mates” and etc. But I assure you this one is very different.

On the subject of soul mates the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is meeting that one person and all of a sudden it’s love at first sight. There is no denying it or stopping it, that’s all there is, it’s all you need. With this idea in our heads we spend our lives searching for this person in everyone we ever meet. It can literally drive us crazy, because the more we look for love, the easier it is for our hearts to break.

In my last post about soul mates you may also remember me touching on another concept: the idea that a soul mate may not necessarily involve any romance but perhaps a very strong friendship. Either way you end up winning.

Okay now enough of the reminiscing on past posts. Now it’s time to focus on this one. Let’s say you’re one of the lucky ones that has met this person, and you know if you have, because for some reason after talking for only 5 minutes it feels as if you’ve been talking your whole life. It is the most compelling thing you have ever experienced and I’m not even sure I can really explain it because it is just unlike any other feeling in this world. So like I said, if you’ve met this person, you would know.

I know right about now you’re all getting that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. And why wouldn’t you? Everyone just melts when it comes to the subject of love. Well here’s my problem: it’s very rare that I meet a person who understands me. I mean TRULY understands, not just says that they get it, when really they have no idea. So when I come across someone that I can actually relate to let’s just say it’s really hard for me to let that go.

I think my greatest gift (which at the same time I feel is a curse) is that I will go above and beyond for the people I care about. So you can only imagine how amplified that becomes when that person is someone that I connect with on a level deeper than any other. It’s a gift because there is nothing I want more than to be there for those in need, but a curse because I am constantly taking value away from my own life, to raise the values of others.

In the end my question is this: say this person, your soul mate, starts taking more of your soul rather than sharing it? How long until you finally let go? We have all been through a break up before and we have all had friendships end. It’s hard to deal with but not impossible. This is different though, it’s like an addiction, no matter how hard you fight it something constantly keeps you bound to this person. Sometimes they can be mean and they can use you and ignore you and completely drain you of everything you have to offer. But you still answer when they call or text or whatever. What do you do when it gets to that point? How do you stay away from the one person who you feel your soul is one with?

I heard a saying on Grey’s Anatomy once, and felt it could not be more accurate, it said:

“Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we’re wired that way, because without it… I don’t know. Maybe we just wouldn’t feel real. What’s that saying… Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop”

All we can do is hope to get one of the good ones when we meet our soul mate. But the sad truth is, that even if we got a good one, we probably wouldn’t even want it as bad.



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