I Met a Guy. Now I’ll Plan Our Future in My Head

20131114-221200.jpgHello everyone! Well I am so happy this week is ending and it’s almost the weekend! Tonight I decided to write about something SO unbelievably common amongst us girls it’s RIDICULOUS!

I arrived to work this morning and noticed this gorgeous guy wearing a red plaid shirt. I spent the rest of my day talking about him with all my female coworkers, creating awesome scenarios of us meeting and hanging out, eventually dating and etc. I like to call this a “phantom boyfriend”. All girls know about this, you meet a guy and you just start crushing super hard, you tell all your friends about him, and you create a beautiful world for the two of you!

For example: you meet a guy and start texting and he asks you about your family, so you text your friend “OMG he’s asking about my family, he loves me, he obviously wants to get married” and your friend says “dude he SO loves you, he clearly wants to know about your family because he wants to be APART of it!” Hahahaha it’s the greatest thing ever.

It’s not done in like a creepy stalker way (for the most part) it’s just that girls never really grow out of the whole “playing pretend” stage from our childhood. When we are little we play house with our imaginary boyfriend who is usually a prince or something and we plan everything out down to the detail. It’s just what we do! So when we grow up it just continues except we base everything off real life guys that we actually meet. And to be honest, guys are really SO vague when we first start getting to know each other, we never really know where you’re intentions are gonna go, so it’s up to us to add humor and imagination with our girlfriends! Lol.

A conversation with my best friend today went something like this:

KL: I saw a guy in a red plaid shirt today, and love him
KG: wow he sounds hot
KL: ya he is. OMG __ still hasn’t texted me
KG: wow.
KL: I texted him and no response
KG: he will respond
KL: he better, I can’t raise these phantom children on my own!
KG: no u can’t! A single mom in the city?! Do you even own a skinny black belt?!
KL: no I don’t
KG: yea that’s just messed up

Like come on! That is comedy. It doesn’t get better than that am I right?! Phantom boyfriends basically help us get through each day, it makes things more interesting, and just more fun! Don’t you recall girls in elementary school doodling their name on their notebook and instead of their last name they put the last name of their crush? It’s exactly like that! Hahaha seriously though you cannot deny it, if you’re a girl, you have played the game “phantom boyfriend” more than once in your life and it’s the best game you’ve ever played!

I will end this with the quote of the day:

“Oh yeah, I am basically already married in my head”
(My best friends reply when I explained today’s Phantom Boyfriend blog topic)



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