Why Harry Potter is better than Twilight


Happy Thursday everyone! I cannot tell you how happy I am that tomorrow is Friday, especially since I have a three day weekend, thank you JML Law Group! Recently I have found myself meeting other Harry Potter enthusiasts like myself and I know all of you have known this blog would come you just didn’t know when. Instead of writing an entire post dedicated to my undying love and devotion to Harry Potter (even though I could write for days about it) I decided to also include my views on Twilight and how the two relate/differ.

For those of you who know me, or read my “Dream Proposal” blog, it is obvious that I am a die hard Harry Potter fan. Like I am absolutely positive that the reason I have still not received my acceptance letter to Hogwarts is due to the fact that I have changed addresses so frequently and I have faith that one day I will get one. I am not sure how many of you went through a somewhat turmoil childhood, but for me, adulthood came way too quickly. My love for Harry Potter is not just about being a fan it is about holding on to a piece of my inner child. When I was a young girl witnessing the destruction from divorced parents and rebellious older siblings there were times where I felt so alone in the world that all I wanted was a way out. Harry Potter books gave me that. When I read that first book I connected so much with the character of Harry Potter that I was able to leave the miserable world I was currently stuck in and escape into this remarkable world of a child whose life was no picnic either. A child who had nothing to do with the cards he was dealt in life yet no matter how much he lost or how hard things got he never gave up. Sure he had his “life is not fair” moments, he even had times of “what’s the point”, but those are what made him even easier to relate to. Then you have his best friends, Hermoine and Ron, who stick by him no matter what but even have moments of doubt that challenge their friendship. You also get a chance to grow with all of the characters and with those two especially you get to watch a true romance blossom between best friends who spend half of the books fighting it until they finally give in. Harry’s love for his best friends little sister which creates the awkward issue of “how do I tell my best friend whose family practically adopted me that I am in love with his younger sister?” People do not realize that once you get past the first two books/movies of them being very young children, the movies begin to get darker and more adult, basically how real life is. There is so much depth to the characters, you really see how much time and energy the author put into these books, it is truly remarkable. Even the villain has a detailed back story to show you how he came to be and his connection with Harry runs so much deeper than what you could ever imagine. As for the other “villain” type characters (ie. Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, etc) there are even huge moments where you see them struggling over the choice of good vs evil and right vs wrong and you begin to understand the inner demons they are battling. JK Rowling even gives you a lovely twist when the “good guy” Headmaster’s skeletons are revealed from the closet and even he becomes more human as you see his selfish and power hungry faults. To sum it up: the book is written in a way for you to grow with the characters as they struggle to find true friends, true love, and most importantly to find themselves. In a world that is filled with manipulation and fear these characters stand together for what they know is right to make the world a better place for themselves and for the future, which the author kindly gives us a glimpse of (19 years later which is a number chosen to ensure the readers know that none of them had a teen pregnancy).

Speaking of teen pregnancy, lets talk about Twilight. Now I will have you all know that I read all of the Twilight books with an open mind and even saw the movies despite my extreme hatred of Kristen Stewart. My initial problem with these books was that the author took it upon herself to completely change an entire tradition of Vampires. Like okay I know Vampires aren’t real, but it doesn’t mean you can just decide that they can sparkle when they go in the sunlight, ugh gag me with a spoon. Also, I get that they are teen romance novels which is why the plot totally sucks, but why on earth would you want the leading female character to be so freaking weak?! I am sorry but there is no way in hell that I would want my daughter to read a book that teaches you to live your entire life for a man that you have known for a month. All these girls tell me “aw but it is a love story, they are just so in love, she just can’t live without him”. Bullshit. The guy breaks up with the girl because he feels causes more harm than good so the girl doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep, doesn’t speak for months and then she starts to do outrageously dangerous suicidal acts JUST to hear the assholes voice in her ear? That is not love okay that is insanity. Oh here is another good life lesson for all the young women out there: even if you can never see your family again when you marry your boyfriend at 17, who cares, you love the guy. Does no one else see how wrong this crap is? There is nothing wrong with the female lead of a book or movie to fall in love with the dark tortured male lead, but at least give her a little bit more of a back bone, I mean come ON! And to top it off you cast that emotionless bore of an actress to play the role? If you want to do something like that at least cast someone like Megan Fox so I have someone nice to look at! And as for Mr Edward, he did Harry Potter BEFORE Twilight, his character died, but we all know where he came from!

I will end this now with an intense urge to re-read and re-watch all the movies over my three day weekend haha. Hope you all enjoyed my rant, feel free to comment and let me know which side you’re on, unless it is Twilight because I don’t want to know that. Hahahaha just kidding!



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