I Know the Water is Sweet but Blood is Thicker.

1377249_224358237726087_1809482357_nWow. What a week it has been. Sorry to keep you all waiting, but with Halloween approaching I have been busy making my costume, sorry no spoiler alerts!

Today’s blog was inspired by this song I heard off of Avicii’s new album called “Hey Brother”. If you haven’t heard it then you should probably like download or YouTube it right after you read this because it is a lovely song.

I am lucky enough to not only have two older brothers and one older sister, but I also have two older step brothers and one older step sister, yeah there is a lot of us. I don’t know how many of you out there have siblings but those of you who do know how amazing it is. When you’re younger all you do is fight and complain about each other but when you’re older it’s crazy how much things change. If you are a girl and have a sister like I do, you probably stole each others clothes and makeup and still get bitched at for it to this day (sorry Brynne) but now clothes are given and loaned out graciously. As for my brothers, nothing really changes there, they were my protectors when I was young and still are to this day.

I cannot tell you how many times I wished I could have been an only child when I was little, as the youngest I was just always the baby and nothing was ever fair, and to top it off I was such a brat haha. But over the past through years I’m not sure I would have survived without my siblings support, even in times when I didn’t deserve it, they were still there believing in me and loving me. It honestly blows my mind.

Now that I am older I am beginning to see more struggles that siblings go through besides the clothes stealing and normal brother/sister torture. As children you and your siblings live one life. I mean sure you have your own friends and hobbies, but you live under the same roof, and you eat at the same dinner table. As adults you live different places and come together for holidays, and that’s if you’re all single, if any of you are in a relationship there’s a chance that a holiday could be spent at a boyfriend or girlfriends house. So finding the time to actually get together and catch up starts to become difficult and you begin to lose grasp on the closeness that had formed throughout childhood and adolescence. I know it is just a part of life and we just have to deal with it, which is fine with me, but it is important to not let too much time pass without speaking or seeing one another.

We are adults, we get in relationships, we get married and we start families of our own. Does that mean we forget about the family we already have? No. Take it from me okay, I guarantee none of my siblings are going to love any of the guys I date, and knowing my family they will definitely let me know how they feel about it. But they’re my family! Their job is to worry and voice concerns and never think anyone is good enough for me. That is one of the reasons I love them so much! They will still tolerate whoever I marry and be polite and respectful and probably just talk shit when we aren’t around but that’s what families do! Lol. You cannot blame or hate your siblings for always thinking they know what’s best for you, it’s just an annoying thing that comes with the territory of having brothers and sisters, we are mosey know-it-alls. Just know that the worst thing you could EVER do is let someone break the bond between you and your siblings. It should be in breakable no matter how many mistakes are made.


The reason this song speaks to me so much is because family is the one model that we shape our opinions after the most. Of course there is media and our friends, but above all of that, family is what we look to for guidance and approval. No matter what you fight about or how your brother or sister feels about the decisions you make, you cannot stop believing in each other. There are many times in life where we need to seek advice from a brother or sister and regardless of what has happened in the past there should be NO reason that we cannot do that.

Hey Brother, do you still believe in one another? Hey Sister, do you still believe in love I wonder?”

When I think back on the losers I’ve dated and the horrible choices I’ve made I remember thinking there was no way in hell I could turn to my brothers and sisters for help without them yelling at me or judging me or saying “I told you so”. And I was right lol they usually always said that, but it was always what I needed to hear, and it always came from a good place. It was never said to hurt me or put me down, it’s not always about me, it’s about them too. If they can’t be honest with me and share how they feel about what I’m doing or who I’m with then what kind of sister am I? I expect my family to walk on eggshells around me so my feelings don’t get hurt? Hell no! I’m a grown up I can take it, if I don’t like what I hear that’s fine, no one ever said you actually have to DO what they tell you.

I end this blog with a shout out to my lovely brothers and sisters who I cherish with all my heart. Thanks for putting up with all my temper tantrums, my spoiled brat moments, the times you had no idea where I was, the times I worried you, the times I screwed you over or lied to you, and all the times I took you for granted and made it seem I didn’t care about you.

For those of you out there that have a brother or sister or both: call them, text them, email or even fb message them! It’s never too late to make up for lost time and its never a bad time to just check in and say hi!



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