Friends til the End… And a Few Trial Runs


Happy Monday! It is a lovely day to be at home! Thankfully today is Columbus Day which means it is a Court holiday and since I have the pleasure of working in a law firm I am enjoying a nice long weekend. It’s October (which is my favorite month) and not only is Halloween around the corner but some other fabulous holidays as well, ie Thanksgiving and Christmas. These holidays usually spark the thoughts of family to everyone’s mind, and it does for me too, but for most of my life my friends have been my family.

So u wanted to focus today’s blog on friendship. I love my family more than anything, but I was a rebel (to put it lightly), and no matter what has happened in my life I always had someone to turn to. One thing I have always been proud of is my ability to hold on to female friends. Being a girl is tough when it comes to the world of friendships, if you’re a girl reading this then you know, girls are vicious. And perhaps my biggest flaw is my curse of second, third, fourth, and etc amount of chances that I give. That is why during my life I have had my share of girlfriends that take my sincere friendship and do not give one in return. But that’s life right? If everyone you met was a perfect friend then you would have WAY too many friends and there would just be no way to have a normal size wedding party haha.

I believe that you meet people in your life that stay there forever, even if they aren’t physically there, and those are the ones who really matter. You have to experience the crappy friends to really appreciate the ones that are still around and to really know what a true friend is. You can meet them as a child or an adult, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them, they last forever.

To explain how blessed I will do a little bit of bragging. When you look back to age 5 you never think that someone you meet in kindergarten is someone you will still be seeing every weekend and talking to every day 20 years later. Well I get the pleasure of reliving my youth on a daily with my best friend Alyson Padilla, because here we are still best friends, only difference is that instead of sleepovers with soda we do sleepovers with wine. There has never been a person I could count on more in my entire life, she is more than my best friend, she is my sister. Talk about luck.

Between age 10 and 18 there have been some seriously significant friends in my life. Maybe not the ones I get to see every weekend now, but during those years it was like you never saw us apart, and even though we are adults living our lives we still find time to catch up when we can. That’s the sad part about being a grown up: you go your separate ways, you start your career, you fall in love, and keeping in touch becomes more and more difficult. But when I look through my photo albums and I see goofy pictures from high school with Michelle Chapetta and Megan McCarley, it feels like it was yesterday, and to see the life Michelle is living and the family Megan is starting, it pleases me to have had their friendships. And whenever I think of a funny Scrubs quote or some interesting independent movie comes on, I can write Maggie Ayers on FB, and the memories come flooding back. Just the other day a random memory popped into my head that made me think of seeing a movie with my friend Colleen Doherty and all I had to do was leave her a FB comment, and she responded having just been talking about the same memory with her boyfriend, and the conversation went on from there. All people say is how they hated high school, but as you can see, when you went to school with friends like I did I had no choice but to love every minute of it. Thousand Oaks High School better be prepared for one hell of a reunion.

In life you also find those friends that not only you can count on when times get tough, but who know the right remedy, a good laugh and a strong drink. And for that I have had the joy of knowing the Geary sisters. If you don’t know these girls, well I would recommend meeting them, but I’m too selfish to share! Lol! Keira is my age. We met at 18, but she transferred to my elementary school the year I left, so the universe always intended for us to meet. Hannah and I are basically comedic soul mates, as funny as we are separately, get us together and you may as well wear a diaper (bc you will be peeing your pants). And little Leila, she is the youngest but in no way does that make her any less wild or fun. Needless to say, I love each Geary separately, but don’t think I could live without all of them. Even their mom Shelly! (And especially their dad Tim).

There’s no better conclusion to this blog than to end with the friendships I have made as an adult. I always had this superficial idea that you had this small clique of friends forever, guys and girls, and you ended up married or whatever. I guess you could say I grew up watching the show Friends. But I was so wrong. The souls I have connected with on my journey will stay with me always. In my last blog I displayed Vegas as such a horrific experience, but I did not only pick up a drug addiction there, I also met an amazing and beautiful friend. Bekah Young. I honestly think I would have died out there if it wasn’t for her, she is the most genuine and kind hearted girl in all of Las Vegas, and one of the best friends I have. I knew her for less than a year and am positive I will know her for life. And as for rehab, well all the people I met there were unforgettable, but a few really really stuck with me. Allison Smith, my soul sister, I knew you for 2 months but I’ll be your friend for life. You’re so interesting and artistic and your soul is so beautiful! Morgan Jones (or should I say Mrs. Blue Shirt) your spirit and sense of humor is unique and unmistakeable, my house is always open to you when you make your way to California.


Friendship is so important to me (as you can tell). I cannot stress the importance of girlfriends enough. Yes, you can be a girl that dedicates her life to her boyfriend, and thinks girls just screw you over and you don’t need them. But here is the truth: guys are not permanent or definite. They can leave you, they can hurt you, and they do who will you turn to? I love all my girlfriends! I don’t know where I would be without all of you!



2 thoughts on “Friends til the End… And a Few Trial Runs

  1. I really appreciate your blog and have been keeping up with it everyday. You talk a lot about recovery, love, and friends. I was wondering if you could write an article about past serious relationships and what you learned from them. I’m struggling with a current break up and I am looking towards support or lessons from what other people have learned along their journeys.

    • thank you so much for your kind words. I am new to the blogging world so your feedback is very much appreciated. I am always happy to hear about what people think and especially what people are going through and want to read about (after all this blog isnt just all about me, its about all of you too) i hope the new post helps with what your going through. break ups are tough but you come out stronger in the end. xoxo

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