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Hello Blog Readers! I just want to take a minute to first THANK YOU all for reading my blogs. I have never actually done this before and it means so much to me that so many of you not only read them but also give me awesome feedback!

So I know I speak for all girls out there when I say I am just SICK AND TIRED of boys and what unbelievable tools they are. The other night, for example, I get a Facebook message from an old friend. He starts off saying hey and that he misses me then goes on to tell me he is turning himself in to jail for however many days because of probation violations. I respond and say that sucks, I mean I don’t really know what else to say to that, you knew you were on probation and you decided to violate so whatever. Then he continues with saying for the next two days he will be raging which he explained consisted of “doing drugs, drinking, and planting the seed”. Then he said “you should rage with me.  haha you’re not down”. This is when I replied “You’re absolutely right. I am not down. I am not only in bed watching the voice because I have work at 8am, but I am sure you remember that I recently got out of rehab, unless you forgot considering you have only talked to me once in the past two years”. He then said “yeah I understand, it was worth a shot though, you should still come visit me when I am in there.” Uhhh…. Really? THAT was worth a shot? Seriously?

         I guess it is hard for guys to fathom the idea that people actually grow up, since they don’t appear to have the ability to. But I am actually not the same girl that I was a few years ago. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t leave a lot of people with the BEST impression of me, but I was young and pretty much ALWAYS high on some sort of drug or extremely drunk and mad at some boy which led to my poor decision making with my sexual endeavors. And you know what? I REFUSE to allow my past bad behavior to follow me the rest of my life because the douche bags of the world can’t comprehend that someone MIGHT have actually changed. Like, I am sorry, but you are going to JAIL. It is not like there is an Asteroid about to hit the Earth and you are Ben Affleck risking your life so that I do not die. Or how about this one time I got a text from a guy saying he was moving to OC and we should hook up before he moves. Uhm… that is literally an HOUR away from me. He made it seem as if he was enlisting in the army and being shipped of to Iraq to serve for our country or something. It just makes me wonder what these guys HONESTLY think the outcome is going to be when they do this kind of stuff. Like I am going to regress into my 19 year old self and say “yeah totally let me send you a skanky picture because you deserve it”.

It is times like these that really make me happy to be single. I have my girly moments where I think “gosh I kind of want to put myself back out there and try dating again and try to meet someone and have a boyfriend and bla bla bla”. Then I get a text from a total asshole and I laugh to myself and say “wow good thing you don’t gotta deal with that in person”. It is honestly really refreshing working a full time job where I just go home after work and cook myself dinner and watch my favorite shows (without a boy that makes fun of me for watching Glee) and just crawl into bed at 10pm waking up totally refreshed ready to take on the day. Weekends are full of time for my family and close friends which I can honestly say is ten thousand times better then being stuck out in skeezy clubs being hit on by sleezy guys who just want to take me home with no intention of at least trying to get to know me. I get it okay, I am a young adult female and I have urges just like any other, but one of those urges is not being taken to your dirty apartment (or even worse your parents house) for 5 minutes that ends with YOUR pleasure (not mine).

I am just in a different mind set now and I don’t know if it is because of what I have gone through in my past or just because I am getting older. I am not saying I am trying to settle down and get married and have kids in the next five years, but I am definitely not about to give up the goods for anyone that isn’t at least TRYING to have a relationship longer than three months. And I have also raised my standards a little bit by deciding the next person I date MUST have AT LEAST a part time job (and that is actually giving a lot of slack). And no matter what their job is I want the person I date to still have goals for improving their current situation, because I think everyone should do that, even people with careers who make good money should have goals for the betterment of their life. I do not think that my expectations are really that high, I am not asking for Ryan Gosling (but it wouldn’t hurt if you dressed like him, I mean god damn those fitted suits look good), I just want someone who isn’t going to text me for a one night stand. I also don’t want someone who is going to try and smother me or be too all about a relationship, because lets face it I did just get out of rehab so I am trying to take baby steps here, and also I am an Aquarius so yeah really not all about the lovey-dovey crap.

Ladies if you are reading this just know that you do NOT have to put up with that stupid BS from stupid little boys. You are a lady and should be treated like one, no matter how you may have acted in your past, the reason it is called the past is because it is behind you! And boys, just grow up, you know? And use your head before you send a text or a Facebook message. If you can’t do that then just don’t even bother. As of June 8th, 2013 I have abstained from sex and I gotta tell ya, it is pretty great. I decided that I will continue on this vow of celibacy until I meet someone that I feel is actually worthy of breaking it for. (Meaning when I actually find myself embarking on a real life serious relationship).

That’s all for today. I hope everyone’s week is going as fantastic as mine is!



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