Celebrities, and that High Horse they sit on.

Hey Blog Readers!!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, I have been VERY busy!! The Law Firm I work at has joined a Softball League which is very fun but also time consuming, and then over the weekend I got to catch up with old friends at dinner AND go to Disneyland which was very fun but exhausting!

My Blog today is going to be about Celebrities. Last Friday I went out to lunch with some coworkers at Kabuki Sushi in Woodland Hills. I discovered it on yelp, the sushi is very good and the prices are pretty decent, all in all I was very happy with the choice in restaurant. While enjoying our meal I glanced up at the host counter and noticed a tall lanky guy in a baseball cap and glasses waiting to be seated with his girlfriend. Now many of you know that I am a HUGE movie buff. Like a lot of my friends call me the human IMDB because I know so much about actors and directors and movies and etc. So right away I recognized this guy as McLovin from Superbad. I immediately turned to my coworkers and told them and we got all excited and pulled out or phones trying to sneakily snap a photo. He caught sight of us and whispered something to his lady who turned our way then stepped RIGHT in front of him blocking our view. After a few moments the host walked up and directed them to a table in the back of the restaurant out of sight.

The duration of our meal we were stuck on the top of famous people and how annoying they are. I mean honestly is it really that big of a deal to let a few girls get a photo of you from across the room? It is not like we ran up to you and interrupted your lunch screaming and begging for pictures. Some say “well I imagine it must get pretty old everywhere you go someone wants a picture, you can’t even go out to lunch without having someone point you out” and I would love to agree with that. However, you’re a freaking celebrity! I am sorry but no one forced you into being famous! You chose to have that career and you know what comes with the territory, and not to mention, you make MILLIONS of freaking dollars! I am so sure people wanting pictures is that much of an inconvenience to your luxurious life! I just went to the movies last week and spent $26 dollars for my sister and I to see a movie that we could have EASILY waited for it to come out on RedBox and seen it for $1, but no, I am a major supporter of Cinematic Adventures and I very much appreciate actors, directors, producers, cinematographers, etc and all of their talent. So I spend the money so that they can develop coke addictions and get DUI’s in their lambo’s and all I ask when I see an actor out in about is that I can snap a photo on my cell from 20 feet away and THAT is too much to ask of you?! Don’t get me wrong, I know that Tabloid Magazines and Paparazzi are totally annoying, if you see me climbing a tree overlooking your back yard you have EVERY RIGHT to close your blinds and maybe even call the police. But in a restaurant from across the room? COME ON! GET THE EFF OVER YOURSELF! Your job is to entertain and be in the public eye, sorry that you aren’t allowed a private life but I am pretty sure the millions of dollars you receive should pretty much make up for all that.

This ordeal during lunch got me so heated I was even tempted to just approach his table, take a seat next to his stupid girlfriend, and say “Hello there, sorry to bother you, but I actually write my own blog and my next one is going to be about self entitled celebrities and how their egos are so bit that they can’t even fathom allowing a few photos to be taken of them when they go out to eat even though the people taking them are the ones who help provide the actors income. Any thoughts?” Of course my coworkers wouldn’t allow me to do this, but trust me it was really hard not to, it took like everything in me to just walk out the door after my meal hahaha.

Anyways, thank you for your patience for this blog, I apologize for the delay. Hopefully I can purchase a new laptop soon so I will be able to write more frequently because doing this on an iphone is really difficult!



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