My Dream Proposal


So this post is a little random but I recently found out that the Universal Studios out here in California is getting a Harry Potter World just like Orlando! So that inspired me to share with all of you my very planned out dream proposal.

To start out, whoever dates me long enough to actually plan on spending there life with me, probably knows how obsessed I am with Harry Potter. This person will probably also know that my entire life all I have ever wanted is an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Basically they will know me pretty damn well.

Fast forward however many years and I am dating the man of my dreams and he decides he wants to propose. So he of course asks my fathers permission and if he gets his blessing the rest is pretty simple. He will buy two tickets to Universal Orlando for the Harry Potter World and two plane tickets to Florida. He will place the tickets inside a personally designed card that says “You have been accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”. He will surprise me with this card on our anniversary and I will be SO excited! Once we get there we will do EVERYTHING, drink butterbeer, ride the rides, buy clothes, and of course go to Ollivanders Wand Shop to get my very own wand. There he will skillfully slip the ring into the wand box so that when the wand chooses me (because yeah, they do that) I will get it wrapped in the box and when he urges me to open I will and BAM he is down on one knee in the middle of Hogsmead proposing!!!

Obviously I will say yes and we will live happily ever after because, let’s face it, any guy that does something like that is a freakin keeper! Lol! So yeah I am a huge nerd, no surprise there, but I love it! Hope all of you do too <3



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